Kelly Carter empowers families, couples, youths and children


UNITY is the private practice of Kelly Carter, a professional and highly experienced counsellor in Brisbane and the northside.

Kelly has spent many years offering child counselling in Brisbane and overseas, as well as offering counselling for teenagers, domestic violence counselling, FIFO counselling, family counselling and so much more. She has a vast amount of experience in working with families, couples, individuals and groups assisting them with their  needs and enabling them to move forward with their lives in a more positive manner.

Relationship counselling in Brisbane

  • Domestic violence counselling:  If you suffering from domestic violence, Kelly has many years’ experience in helping people deal with and overcome, abuse at the hands of a loved one. 
  • Marriage guidance and understanding: If you are dealing with ongoing marriage problems and are looking for advice and understanding, Kelly has the expertise and the knowledge to help you work through your issues and achieve the best outcome for you, as an individual and as a couple.
  • Depression: If your or a loved one are suffering from depression, Kelly provides a supportive and healthy environment in which the root causes of the illness can be exposed and overcome.

Teenage counselling in Brisbane


  • Self-esteem counselling: Many of the problems suffered by children and teenagers today can be sourced to a lack in self-esteem. Kelly has many years of experience helping young people to improve their own belief systems, increase their self-confidence and heighten their self-esteem.
  • Teenage depression: There are many causes of depression in teenagers and Kelly has the experience and the skills to help your child work through their problems and learn the skills to build a better future for themselves.

Family counselling in Brisbane 


  • Parenting skills: In today’s world it is not always easy for new parents to learn the skills they need to raise a happy and healthy family. Kelly’s many years spent counseling families, has helped lots of parents empower themselves to learn the necessary skills required to rear a strong and cohesive family. Kelly helps both young parents and more established, older parents to learn and refresh their parenting skills. 
  • Dealing with troubled teenagers: Sometimes families find it difficult to cope with destructive, addicted or other anti-social behaviours in teenagers. This is particularly so when there are siblings in the same household. Kelly has extensive experience helping families, parents and siblings work through their feelings of anger, helplessness and grief, resulting in a cohesive bond that helps to support and heal the teenager. 
  • Coping with separation or divorce: The end of a marriage or partnership and the loss of a parent can have devastating consequences on a family unit. The remaining parent wants to help their children, but they themselves need help to deal with their loss or anger and to move forward. Kelly provides you and your children with a loving and supportive environment in which you can come together, heal and accept your changed circumstances and move forward in a positive manner.

If you are searching for solution focused and person centred counselling services in Brisbane or the northside, call Kelly Carter on 0449252570, email or complete our online enquiry form.

About UNITY Counselling

Kelly Carter

Diploma of Prof Counselling


Cert IV Disabilities

NVQ3 Children and Young People

​Cert IV Competitive Manufacturing

MACA (Level 1)

Counselling Fees

$85.00 for individuals (60 min)

$85.00 for couples (60 min)

$85.00 for family session (45 min)

Fees for additional services upon request.