UNITY in Brisbane’s Northside helps to counsel and empower families, youths and children

Kelly Carter, principal counsellor of UNITY, offers a range of professional Northside Brisbane based counselling services for families, parents, youths, individuals, and children. One of the characteristics that makes Kelly so successful is her ability to empathise with her clients, to really dig deep and to understand what her clients are going through at a core level.

This understanding lays the groundwork for the healing process to begin and for Kelly to help her clients to break away from their destructive cycles and to empower themselves. If there was one single factor that all Kelly’s clients need to understand and accept, it is that self-esteem and self-confidence are the foundation of their future happiness.

Kelly understands the pressure placed on Brisbane parents, families, youths and children, and that sometimes, counselling is the catalyst that helps to break through the barriers, to learn new skills and heal old hurts. Kelly offers a non-judgemental environment in which you can express yourself, explore your problems and begin to move on from the troubles of your past.

Parent Counselling in Brisbane’s Northside

UNITY on the Northside in Brisbane offers counselling to families with youths, children, siblings, single parents with one or more children and blended families. We work with helping all family members to be heard, accepted and understood, giving the family as a unit, the building blocks needed to move forward as a cohesive and united family.

As one of the premier family counselling centres on the Brisbane Northside, we offer assistance and counselling with parenting issues in Brisbane as well as FIFO counselling (fly in, fly out) and how to cope with addictive and antisocial behaviours, as well as depression in teenagers.


Child and Youth Counselling Brisbane

UNITY Brisbane’s youth counselling sessions are designed to give young adults and children the opportunity to feel safe and secure in exploring ideas and concepts that they find difficult. These problems can involve family dynamics, problems in school or with peers, such as bullying or difficulty fitting in, emotional problems, and isolating, destructive or anti-social behaviours.

We build on existing strengths, to raise the youth’s belief in their self-worth and show them how to build confidence and how to overcome low self-esteem in themselves,

both as an individual and as a family member. We can also act as mediators between teenagers and their school. We are one of the most trusted and respected providers of youth counselling in Brisbane.

Individual counselling, Brisbane

At UNITY, we help you to make the right lifestyle changes and the best lifestyle decisions for you as an individual. We do this by helping you to overcome low self-esteem and empowering you to believe not only in yourself, but in your abilities to control your future and to move forward in a positive and enlightened manner.

If you suffer from depression, addictions, low self-esteem or anxiety, we have the skills and the experience to help you bring profound changes to your life.

At UNITY, we are down to earth, direct and positive. We know that you want to see changes in the fastest time possible, so we work with you to achieve your goals in a timely manner. We are goal-orientated and motivated to help you achieve the best outcomes for yourself and your situation.

UNITY’s family and parent counselling is based in Brisbane’s Northside. Let us help you solve the issues that are stopping you from experiencing life to the fullest.

So if you are searching for professional family, parent or youth counselling services in Brisbane or the Northside, call Kelly Carter on 0449252570, email kelly@unitycounselling.com.au or complete our online enquiry form.

Parent & Youth Counselling In Brisbane Northside

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Counselling Fees

$85.00 for individuals (60 min)

$85.00 for couples (60 min)

$85.00 for family session (45 min)

Fees for additional services upon request.

Kelly Carter

Diploma of Prof Counselling


Cert IV Disabilities

NVQ3 Children and Young People

​Cert IV Competitive Manufacturing

MACA (Level 1)