Marriage and Relationship Counselling on Brisbane’s Northside.

At UNITY we understand that relationships are a process of negotiation and often present challenges that can be difficult to move beyond. At our centre in Brisbane’s Northside, we offer relationship and marriage counselling to help you meet and transcend the challenges you and your significant other face.

Our staff of experienced counsellors can provide non-judgmental assistance and advice to couples facing a range of relationship issues. Our Brisbane marriage and relationship counselling service can provide help for partners who wish to reconcile after an infidelity or breakdown has distanced them from one another. We focus on helping couples understand the nature of the relationship they share and assist them in acknowledging and effectively managing a multitude of different issues which might be destabilizing their relationship. Above all we strive to ensure that couples walk away from our counselling experience with renewed and strengthened bonds, as well as strategies to help them meet future challenges.

We also offer specialist counselling for couples who are suffering from domestic violence or abuse. At our Northside Brisbane relationship and marriage counselling service, we focuses on healing the trauma of abuse, exploring the underlying reasons for it and most importantly, providing strategies to change behaviour patterns and ultimately eradicate violence or abuse from the relationship.

We are one of the premier providers of marriage and relationship counselling on Brisbane’s Northside. At UNITY you can be assured we will treat the problems of your marriage or relationship with the utmost trust and respect. If you would like to further enquire about UNITY’s range of marriage and relationship services, please don’t hesitate to contact us or alternatively complete the online enquiry form.

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